Charismatic Leader Quiz 1

In Issue 3 we set a quiz to find out whether you have the traits of a charismatic leader.

Did you do the Charismatic Leaders Quiz?


1. For each question, score yourself

  • 1 point for Strongly Disagree
  • 2 points for Disagree
  • 3 points for answer Neutral
  • 4 points for Agree
  • 5 points for Strongly Agree

2. Add up your total score and refer to the scale below to identify your leadership style


Read the results below to see if you are a charismatic leader:

If you scored between 40 – 50 points: You display strong characteristics of a charismatic leader.

If you scored between 30 – 39 points: You exhibit some traits of charismatic leadership, but there is room for further development.

If you scored between 20 – 29 points: Your charismatic leadership qualities may be limited, and you may benefit from working on certain areas.

If you scored between 10 – 19 points: You possess few traits of a charismatic leader, and you may want to explore other leadership styles that align better with your strengths.

Remember, this test provides a general indication and should not be considered a comprehensive assessment of your leadership abilities. Reflect on the results and consider further development opportunities to enhance your leadership skills.

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