Hepburn 2022 Issue 4 – Tenacious Edition

Hepburn Magazine 2022-May Cover wiht image of Julia Zielke sales coach
Read the Hepburn 2022 Issue 4 – Tenacious

This issue celebrates the Tenacious Spirit we Hepburn women possess. We introduce you to Julia Zielke, successful sales and mindset coach who shares an interesting childhood memory, her passion for sales and how to manage your mindset. We have stories, to help you Start Saving, How to Project Confidence, Understand Who are the People You Know, and Getting Leadership Just Right.

In this issue, we feature the Honourable Penny Wong, Samantha Payne, Rebecca Forrest, and Mother Teresa. We encourage you to find your boating style from our seven in Permission to Come Aboard and invite you to Escape to Metung. This issue is open for viewing for a short time only and will revert to a paid subscription shortly.

We invite you to read this issue of Hepburn, which will be open for a short while.

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