Creating a Vision

Visionary leadership is a leadership stylein which a leader has a clear vision of where they want their organization to go and inspires their team to work together to achieve that vision. A visionary leader is able to articulate a compelling picture of the future and motivate their team to strive towards it.

A visionary leader is not just focused on day-to-day operations, but is also able to see the big picture and anticipate future trends and changes in the industry. They are able to inspire their team to think creatively and to take risks in order to achieve the organization’s goals.

In addition, visionary leaders are often able to communicate their vision in a way that is understandable and inspiring to everyone in the organization. They are able to create a sense of purpose and meaning for their team members, which can lead to higher levels of engagement and job satisfaction.

Examples of visionary leaders include Steve Jobs, who transformed Apple into one of the most innovative companies in the world, and Nelson Mandela, who had a clear vision for a democratic South Africa and inspired his followers to work towards that goal…

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