Hepburn 2022 Issue 2 – Revolution Edition

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Hepburn 2022 Issue 2 celebrates the Revolution that empowers we Hepburn women to change, no matter how great or small that change may be. We introduce you to Alice Huang, entrepreneur and Blockchain COO who shares her personal story on how her career evolved and pivoted from traditional real estate to Blockchain. We have stories, to help you assess your life insurances, plan you autumn wardrobe, and realise that you need sleep for success.

In this issue, we cameo Her Excellency Mrs Linda Hurley wife of the Governor-General, the amazing Georgina Pazzi, the inspirational Madonna, and the Coretta Scott King. We encourage you make time for some pampering, with our seven self-care activities to keep you balanced and relaxed. This issue is open for viewing for a short time only and will revert to a paid subscription shortly.

We invite you to read this issue of Hepburn, which will be open for a short while.

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