Hepburn 2023 Issue 22 – Elevate Edition

We invite you to read the Hepburn 2023 Issue 2 – Elevate Edition

Read the Hepburn 2023 Issue 2 – Elevate

Welcome to Issue 2 for 2023.  This issue celebrates all Hepburn women. In this issue, we feature influential Australian politician Penny Allman-Payne, the inspirational Crown Princess Mary, the impactful Penny Dennerstein, and we remember American activist Maya Angelou.

We introduce you to Jane Vandermeer, innovative personal stylist, and educator. Jane shares her love of fashion, what inspired her to commence in business, and how through fashion she creates transformational change in women.

We speak with Kathy Pedersen founder of Qi Beauty about the inspiration to starting and running her business.

We have stories, on the Power of Courage and Confidence, Starting Your Side Hustle, Courageous Leadership, and more

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