Issue 25 – Appreciation Edition

We invite you to read the Hepburn 2023 Issue 25 – Appreciation Edition

Hepburn 2023 Issue 25 - Appreciation Edition Edition Cover image features Hacia Atherton
Issue 25 Appreciation Edition
Read the Hepburn 2023 Issue 25 – Appreciation

Welcome to Issue 25 our Appreciation issue.  This issue celebrates all Hepburn women. In this issue, we feature the influential Anne Princess Royal, the amazing Michelle Payne and Turia Pitt, and we remember Christian Davies.

We introduce you to Hacia Atherton. Hacia shares her professional journey as an Empowered Women in Trades. You’ll be inspired by her story.

Innovative photographer and personal branding expert Sumiko Eyears shares her thoughts on portrait photography for business and family so you can shine with confidence.

We have stories, on the Networking and Mentoring, Collaboration for Success, Situational Leadership, and more

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