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Are You a Visionary Leader?

Hepburn Magazine 2023 issue 1 Are You a Visionary Leader?
Take our ‘Are You a Visionary Leader? ‘ test to find out


  1. Answer the five questions.
  2. Score Yourself for each ‘a’ = 1 point ‘b’ = 2 points ‘c’ = 3 points and ‘d’ = 4 points
  3. Total your points and see the result below.
  1. How often do you think about the future?
    a. Rarely
    b. Occasionally
    c. Frequently
    d. Almost always
  2. How do you approach problem-solving?
    a. I focus on short-term solutions
    b. I try to balance short-term and long-term solutions
    c. I always consider the long-term implications of my decisions
    d. I prioritize long-term solutions over short-term fixes
  3. How do you communicate your vision to others?
    a. I don’t have a clear vision to communicate
    b. I communicate my vision, but it’s not always well-received
    c. I communicate my vision clearly and effectively
    d. I communicate my vision and help others see how it can benefit them
  4. How do you inspire others to join your vision?
    a. I don’t really try to inspire others to join my vision
    b. I use rewards and incentives to motivate people
    c. I appeal to people’s emotions and values
    d. I help people see how they can be a part of something bigger than themselves
  5. How do you measure success?
    a. By achieving short-term goals
    b. By achieving a balance between short-term and long-term goals
    c. By achieving long-term goals
    d. By achieving long-term goals and creating a lasting impact


Are You a Visionary Leader? Read the scores below to find out.

5-9 points – A low score may indicate, you need to develop your skills to become a visionary leader

10-14 points – A medium score may indicate, you have some visionary qualities, but still need development

15-19 points – A high score may indicate, you are a strong visionary leader, but like all leaders you must continue your professional development.


Are you a visionary leader?

A visionary leader is someone who has a clear and inspiring vision for the future and is able to communicate that vision effectively to others. They prioritize long-term solutions and are able to inspire and motivate others to join their vision. They measure success not only by achieving long-term goals but also by creating a lasting impact. This test assesses the respondent’s ability to think about the future, prioritize long-term solutions, communicate a vision effectively, inspire others, and measure success.

A score of 15 or higher suggests that the respondent has strong visionary qualities and maybe a strong visionary leader. How did you score?

Leadership Series

Leadership: Creating a Vision

“Visionary leadership is a leadership style in which a leader has a clear vision of where they want their organization to go and inspires their team to work together to achieve that vision. A visionary leader is able to articulate a compelling picture of the future and motivate their team to strive towards it.
A visionary leader is not just focused on day-to-day operations, but is also able to see the big picture and anticipate future trends and changes in the industry. They are able to inspire their team to think creatively and to take risks in order to achieve the organization’s goals.

In addition, visionary leaders are often able to communicate their vision in a way that is understandable and inspiring to everyone in the organization…”

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